1. Ruckus

    “In my next movie, I play a tree!”

  2. Donald Sterling

    Haven’t washed this since it was last up Paul Walker’s ass.

  3. “We’re good here, man. Still waiting on Paul, though. I can’t believe he’s a no-show again. Fucking diva.”

  4. snugglevision

    “I can pretend drive cars fast.”

  5. maoix

    “I can’t believe my job is to shine this asshole’s shoe lifts.”

  6. cc

    Sorry dude but The Rock pretty well stole your big, bad bald guy mojo.

  7. dontkillthemessenger

    People are laughing, but this is the future President of the United States.

    No really, that’s the plot of Fast & Furious 17.

  8. pete

    this was his reaction when he found out how lucky he was Paris was a racist and didn’t want him anymore.

  9. Vin needs to do more drugs, that video of him dancing around his living room in the middle of the night was embarrassing in the most hilarious way possible.

  10. At seven films, Fast & Furious is now tied with Police Academy. Make of that what you will.

  11. “Hey Vin! How does a big chunk of dick sound right about now?”

  12. I can’t say anything bad about him because I don’t really give a flying fuck whether he lives or dies.

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