1. Most guys would be embarrassed walking around with mom in boots and sweat socks, but in this case it was Mom who had to deal with it.

  2. Dick Nose

    Did she birth him in the shire ?

  3. Wally's Beaver

    Can’t knock him when he is hanging with his mom. That’s being a good son.

    • Yeah, except he’s leading her into a Soylent Green Recycling Facility.

    • Yes, but she has terrible judgment.

    • I would say the same were I not convinced that he’s using her as an ‘artistic’ accessory.

    • Johnny Barbells

      …yeah, except when you remember he said (in a published interview) that he’d like to bang his mom …this mom …the one in the pic. (which maybe explains a lot)

      • In Playboy, LaBeouf says, “Probably the sexiest woman I know is my mother.” Now, he responds to the public’s reaction to this comments and says everyone misunderstood:
        “It was Mother’s Day coming up and I don’t have any problems appearing crazy to make my mother smile, but she is the most beautiful woman on this planet and I love her. She’s fly as hell. I stand by that. My mom’s awesome….I think the sickness is also on the other end to be able to twist the words and make it as ridiculous as that. Clearly, I’m not having sex with my mother. It’s ridiculous.”

        Um. Wow.

  4. Donald Sterling

    I guess growing up on Tantooine must have been pretty tough.

  5. So – Harold & Maud is being remade after all.

  6. Short Round

    For some reason Howard Wolowitz comes to mind.

  7. George P Burdell

    Both…mother and girlfriend.

  8. Employee

    so many questions answered

  9. Art-Girl

    According to his Wikipedia page, of his two parents, his mother is the normal one…

  10. AtomicMountain

    Ok, now I get it.

  11. cc

    He’s taking her out to get some nice clothes…I hope.

  12. Ronaldo

    Well, that explain a lot

  13. well now we know whos been dressing him.

  14. I don’t believe anyone has seen her since Mulder discovered her on that cart under the bed.

  15. probably just another one of his “art” stunts

  16. I see he got his father’s legs…

  17. Twizlah

    Aw that’s sweet. Shia rescued his mom from Craster’s Keep.

  18. “Let me show you Derelicte. It is a fashion, a way of life inspired by the very homeless, the vagrants, the crack whores that make this wonderful city so unique.”

  19. That’s not how I pictured his Mom, but she certainly is cute.

  20. Now I see why Shia was so good in that Holes movie. His mother looks like she is from the mole clan.

  21. I can see where he got his shitty dress habits from…

  22. s45qu4tch

    Ah… Now I get why he’s so fucked up.

  23. “You know Shia, If you never take me to another one of your shitty movies I will tell you how to get rid of your crabs.

  24. This explains everything.

  25. Uh huh, no more questions, this is all I needed to know.

  26. Rex Reed

    You can thank spielberg

  27. She’s holding his hand so he doesn’t run out into traffic.

  28. Look, Shia! Those people, over there, around the garbage can glowing of fire, they were the ones that sold me these really nice clothes!

  29. ultra

    Ah. His mom’s a bag lady. That explains a lot.

  30. SnarkyG

    Thankfully, Shia wore a hat answering the most pressing question: Family Time, or the Latest “Avant Garde” Performance Piece to, at some point, Uncomfortably Feature his Dick?

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