1. it had to be said

    Coco, a Volkswagen Beetle is not a “sex toy.”

    Of course, if you can find the keys we’ll drive out of here.

  2. cc

    Somehow I get the feeling she recommends you use them with margarine.

  3. Marketing Mike

    I’d like a copy of the video where she launces the sex toys.

  4. Marketing Mike

    fucking word press skips letters. I meant launches

  5. Each specially packaged toy comes with a personally signed delousing kit.

  6. You could smother entire factions of militant extremists between those.

  7. Flatliner

    Wow, she is actually sitting on her ass. I thought that was the last thing she used it for.

    • Can you imagine how weird it probably feels to sit down with all those implants in there? I go nuts when I can feel a little bit of pepper stuck in my teeth. How long would it take for you to become numb to their presence? Years right? Think about when you’re sitting on your wallet at a movie. It’s annoying and that’s just a couple of hours AND you can take it out of your pocket.

      Yep, this is the crap I waste my time thinking about.

  8. alexxx3488

    I feel like if I purchased anal beads or anything else ass-related from her line, my rectum would rupture.

  9. Is there an instructional video of her demonstrating how to use said toys? Because if so, I’m buying.

  10. Wait, I’m confused. I thought she was a sex toy.

  11. brycet

    There are way too many photos of her on this website.

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