1. Donald Sterling

    Could have saved a lot of money and just paid some kid to paint “Asshole” down the side.

  2. Ronaldo

    what a douche

  3. cc

    He does what again?

  4. dontkillthemessenger

    You can never find a terrorist when you need one.

  5. What a complete embarrassment to automobiles in general.

  6. mimmie

    I would have used Hello Kitty myself.

  7. Was this Ferrari originally painted for Michael Jackson?

  8. The kids love that car. They tolerate the sex.

  9. Okay, that’s just hilarious. If I had his money, I’d do a whack of stupid shit too.

  10. renotastic

    My other car’s a unicorn.

  11. Somebody’s playing waay too much Mario Cart!

  12. Enzo Ferrari is furiously rolling over in his grave

  13. Some bro-truck dude needs to just roll right over him and this abomination.

  14. you simply dont do that to a Ferrari !…unless you wanna get shot

  15. I’m just looking for some privacy.

  16. PassingTrue

    Beyond this guy being a douche, the person who agreed to paint poptart cat on this car should be thrown in jail.

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