1. Dildo Baggins

    Here we have Chris pretending he’s not gay

  2. Donald Sterling

    Wow, he’s actually still doing that character.

  3. I’ve never seen a desperate cry for help AND a not so subtle request for Will Farrell’s contact information in one fashion decision.

    • Donald Sterling

      I wonder if somewhere Julia Sweeney is still offering to do her Pat character for food and/or rent money.

  4. Ronaldo

    oh boy…..some people cant move on from old characters. Yes, Mango was funny for a minute, about 15 years ago.

  5. Short Round

    Life never let Batman forget that one crazy night in Mexico 40 years ago.

  6. I never really thought Mango was that funny back then. It’s definitely not now.

  7. pete

    Is this his way of coming out?

  8. Someone left an expired Mango at the photo call.

  9. renotastic

    “I’m saving Mr. Peepers for the Central Park Zoo Gala.”

  10. PassingTrue

    And why, exactly, do we listen to celebrities opinions about anything?

  11. What?! He’s still alive? I guess I have to payback the money I won from my death pool.

  12. thecrazybetty


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