1. Bane

    Alcohol bloat.

  2. Young guys who with the unshaved but wearing a suit look are douche bags. Old guys who do it are just sad.

  3. And now you know why Hollywood make up artists should be more highly paid.

  4. “Smile you little faggots…”

  5. So I see he and Chris Noth go to the same barber.

  6. Donald Sterling

    No Alec, they said “The 1870s in New York City” not “70 Year Olds in New York City.”

  7. cc


  8. Ronaldo

    No no no..i am not drunk

  9. charlesatlas

    Was his hair done by a committee?

  10. byron821

    Is this a picture of one of Coco’s new dildos?

  11. so i guess now he likes the pap taking his picture?

  12. That’s the look of a man who just had some Pap Heat taken off him. Thanks, Jonah Hill!

  13. Flatliner

    Do the Baldwin brothers have a bet going to see who can be the least attractive?

  14. anonym

    Looks like a racist nazi bigot here.

  15. Somebody got laid.

  16. How much money does he have? Why does his hair look like his infant daughter cut it?

  17. Who did he get his hair gel from, Cameron Diaz?

  18. “Otis, get back in the cell. It ain’t mornin’ yet.”

  19. ultra

    He just needs the tiny mustache and he’s Hitler.

  20. Looks like Alec’s hairdresser heard the “faggot cocksucker paparazzi” story and wasn’t happy with him.

  21. The metric tons of barely contained murderspitrageshredstomp in this picture are the most hilarious thing I’ve seen in months.

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