1. Great, the Z. Cavaricci pants craze is back…

  2. Let’s see … a cat in the snow … you’re a pussy who likes cocaine?

  3. Please Mayer, don’t hurt ‘em

    I’m here all week folks! Tip your waitresses.

  4. Donald Sterling

    I saw him yesterday outside the Chateau Marmont with a sign that said “Will Sing Acoustic Ballad for Vagina”.

  5. Mitch

    Has he been raiding Justin Biebers closet?

  6. cc

    So, West Hollywood is attempting to go through with its plan to ban him? Good for them.

  7. anonymous

    I guess he can no longer mimic Johnny Depp’s style while Johnny Depp is playing a balding geriatric.

  8. Is it possible to look like a 75-year-old Jewish pervert at the age of 36?

  9. And here I actually thought Bieber was the only person douchey enough to where those hideous drop-crotch pants. It’s a shame I was wrong.

  10. JungleRed

    We get it, young Larry King, it’s all about the pussy.

  11. Nice Beiber pants. Big WTF there….

  12. That’s a great look. How can any woman resist him right now? *sarcasm mode off*

  13. Vladimir

    So somewhere, Russell Brand is running around pants-less…?

  14. Johnny Barbells

    “i make poopy in my pants”

  15. PassingTrue

    So is this “post hipster” or “proto ironic” I can’t decide.

  16. How long before casinos and state fairs are the only gigs he can book?

  17. His pants are a wonderland.

  18. sonofsamadams

    To bring home the tail he lands he has to be hung like a bull moose.

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