1. dirt dog

    please go away.

  2. Randal

    Ray J did it better

  3. If only this was a huge elaborate ruse by Kanye to get her into public only to pee on her in front of all the paparazzi while yelling “Suck it, Ray-J!!!”

  4. Short Round

    It is worth noting that after they left the Czech government decided to burn the castle to the ground, salted the earth, and quarantined a 10 mile area inaccessible to anyone under penalty of death.

  5. The nation of the Czech Republic will be closed next week for steam cleaning.

  6. George P Burdell

    Where are the Soviet tanks when you need them?

  7. Does it still taste like Ray J’s piss?

  8. He’s canoodling with a fat, orange, plastic ho-bag. Uck.

  9. snugglevision

    Splendor in grass polluted with narcissistic famewhore delusion.

  10. Putin smiled as the courier brought him the photographs. “Now the Czechs will beg for my protection!” he laughed to himself.

  11. cc

    Fuck this shit, I want to see big breasted women in peasant blouses not these two assholes.

  12. Cock Dr

    I give it about 18 months.

  13. You can just make out the tongue from alien reaching out to devour Kanye from the inside out as if the wallet wasn’t enough.

  14. “Bergdahl, we brought you back for one final mission. You have still have the vest they gave you at bomb camp?”

  15. The lyrics from Eminem’s “Just Lose It” ran through Kanye’s head as he kissed Kim:

    Now I’m gonna make you dance
    It’s your chance
    Yeah boy shake that ass
    Oops I mean girl,
    Girl, girl, girl,
    Girl you know you’re my world
    Alright now lose it
    UmMmMmm touch my body
    UmMmMmm touch my body
    Ooh boy just touch my body
    I mean girl just touch my body

  16. Fucking ew.

    Or m’ew, as it were.

  17. renotastic

    How does Ray J’s shot taste, Yeezus?

  18. A Point to Ponder: Exactly what in the fuck will these two idiots do for a honeymoon? All they do these days is travel.

  19. PassingTrue

    Of course, we’re all racists for suggesting that this photo is anything other than a beautiful expression of love. But screw that, this is just blatant famewhoring.

  20. Ewww, I can’t believe these two assholes just desecrated my homeland! I am packing few extra strength gallons of bleach for when I visit!

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