1. Randal


  2. George P Burdell

    When she is hunting billionaires she has to cover her natural scent. Billionaires are easily spooked.

  3. cc

    She’s damp

  4. anonymous

    So they have Photoshop in a spray bottle now?

  5. Donald Sterling

    Having trouble with artificial insemination? Eggs all dried up? Husband can’t get it up?

    Try Skarsgard Body Spray today.

  6. Meshuggah Tits

    Betcha Kim Kardashian has one of those filled with pee.

  7. Spunk Sun Tan Lotion: Shoot it on your face today!!!

  8. Must be a spray bottle of TriHard.

    Or the new formula, TriWAY2Hard.

  9. She could have at least taken a photo with the spray actually, you know, coming out.

  10. No perfume could mask the stench of Beiber radiating off her at all times.

  11. The tears of billionaires that have fought over her.

  12. Incredibly sexy photo of an incredibly beautiful woman.

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