1. Tanzarian

    It’s good to be the Hanks. Tom Hanks. Not Colin.

  2. that is totally the face of someone being awkwardly kissed against their will…who is also kissing Julia Roberts.

  3. dude!

    Is this the Tom Hanks that I read today said that Obama saved Billions of jobs? Put down the crack pipe, Tom!

  4. Nice wallet chain, you fucking douche.

  5. cc

    Okay, Tom, now slide your hand down to her ass…that’s right Tom, that’s how it’s done.

  6. Cock Dr

    I liked his recent impromtu dance number on Spanish TV.
    He does goofy very well.

  7. Squishy

    Teeth out….awkward!

  8. MAX

    Ummm, Yummy….can I be next after Tom to kiss Julia? Where do I get in line.

  9. g-moonie

    When an older guy starts wearing a wallet chain it means the fucked up Harrison Ford pirate earring isn’t far behind…

  10. MrsWrong

    “Come give daddy some sugar. Yeah I know you’re married….to a camera guy…hehehe. Whats he gonna do, stop stalking me hahaha….little more tounge sweetheart…”

  11. Spocktopus

    This looks like ultimate close talking.

  12. Johnny Pepper

    Damn, Julia is old! I remember when she was the most beautiful actress around. Oh, wait, I don’t!

  13. Smells like hummus mixed with superiority.

  14. CharmlessMan

    This is Tom Hanks. I can’t make fun of Tom Hanks.

  15. HankW

    She tastes like cigarettes..

  16. Steelerchick

    Is that a tongue I see??? eeeeewwww

  17. TyroneBiggums

    “I’m not a smart man……….but I know what a grope is.”

  18. TyroneBiggums

    “I’m not a smart man………..but I know what a grope is.”

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