1. “I was around when your kind still had short necks….”

  2. Richard McBeef

    Will not say anything bad about BW. She’s good people.

  3. Perverse

    God Bless Rose, the only GG left.

  4. baron of all media

    Ooooh! I know this one! What are two things I’d bang before I banged Snooki?!?! So? What do I win??

  5. I didn’t know there was such a thing as “Giraffe-nip”…the elderly have much wisdom they have not chosen to share.

  6. Eddie

    Betty: Hey, stop licking Bea Arthur’s ashes!

  7. Tanzarian

    She’s feeding it weed. Why? Because she’s fucking Betty White, bitch.


    Good God! I am sick of this old lady! She is the best example yet of cuttiing medicare completely!

    • Tracey

      No, YOU are the best example of cutting medicare, cause that classy woman has more money than you will ever dream of.

  9. Throjo

    Little lower…litttttttle lower….

  10. These damn new Centrum Silver suppositories are ridiculous.

  11. BSting

    Keep going… this is the way Rue McClanahan asked her ashes to be dispersed.

  12. Squishy

    Whats next?

  13. Tad Bit Tipsy

    Look Giraffee’ its Bea Arthur’s Ashes!!! Wanna smoke some?

  14. g-moonie

    I know times are tough, but playing accordion at the Zoo to make ends meet?

  15. MAX

    Ahhh, Betty. They don’t get any better than you darlin’!!! You are one classy lady. LOVE your “Hot In Cleveland” show.

  16. Cock Dr

    I never rely on this site to deliver cute shots, so I’m always pleasantly surprised when one pops up.

  17. Sin

    She is close to 90 and has a stronger career than most people in Hollywood.

  18. MrsWrong

    Cutest. Koala. Ever.

  19. Savalas

    C’mon Giraffe. I need the contents of that cannister or I won’t shit for a week.

  20. timmy the dying boy

    Could also be Allan Ludden’s ashes, or Gene Rayburn’s, or Brett Somers’, or Charles Nelson Reilly’s. . .

  21. vlad

    the next photo showed Betty falling backwards as the force of the Giraffe’s tongue was too much for her to handle.

  22. Skeezik

    “And these are the crabs that Florence Henderson got from John Lindsey!”

  23. Jovy

    Don’t you dare say something bad about this woman.

  24. She actually thinks she’s making a bank deposit at one of those drive up windows. Shhhhhh don’t tell her.

  25. Ismoss

    ” My late husband Allen Ludden use to slip this in my ass while he banged me, boy I miss the good old days”

  26. teetee14

    this is how old dear grandma was taught how to suck a mean dick. go on try it. you will be the talk of the zoo!

    • Steelerchick

      You must be talking about your grandma!! Because I KNOW you’re not talking about Betty White!!!!!!!!

      • teetee14

        yes i am…Betty White is fair game! if she is on here then i am going in on her too! unless this is your grandma, if it is i guess your grandma can suck a mean dick too!

  27. Brennan Haley

    Bringing her stash to the zoo? Man, it’s a different life in El Ay.

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