1. Perverse

    God, fucking retire already

  2. cc

    Screwface has two heads and four eyes!

  3. peterman

    grumpy muppet

  4. Richard McBeef


  5. you gonna blame this one on wardrobe malfunction too? Eventually she has to take responsibility for the filth she’s subjecting the world to.

  6. Cock Dr

    That’s too bad.
    Were the fans angry? Did the Frenchies boo & throw stuff?

  7. BSting

    Surely that outfit upsets us far more than it upsets her.

  8. This mashup of “Predator” and “This Is It” is bizarre.

    • teetee14

      why so disrespectful with the comments. she does not look like predator! you must be a very insecure person. get some class.

  9. Throjo

    Colon malfunction incoming.

  10. she looks like predator from the movie…

  11. Squishy

    The Borg are trying to assimilate us!!!

  12. g-moonie

    Even a full body straight jacket ain’t no thang for this crazy bitch.

  13. Tad Bit Tipsy

    Wow, which Hockey player fucked a Stormtrooper???

  14. Now that he’s dead, she can finally borrow clothes from Michael’s closet.

  15. Turd Ferguson

    It’s high time she did the liposuction on her face.

  16. teetee14

    everyone get a life. why so disrespectful with the comments. she does not look like predator! all of you must be some insecure people. get some class.

  17. Liz

    I know you’re all afraid of the Abominable Snowman now, but you’ll come to embrace her when she is the only one big enough to put the silver star on the Christmas tree.

  18. MrsWrong

    I don’t think that mummy is happy Jermaine Dupri woke her up

  19. Sin

    Sorry Janet, you are just too old to pull those types of outfits anymore.

  20. Michael

    I know his mangers were unscrupulous in the way they worked Michael to death solely for their own profit, but to exhume his corpse as part of a new “tour” is just macabre.

  21. Cam

    Why is she fighting the urge to take a shit when she’s already wrapped in toilet paper?

  22. Audieme

    What. The. Heck.

  23. Arzach

    Gene Simmons is wearing white now?

  24. Caesar

    Our drug allows the brain to repair itself. We’re ready to move onto the next phase…..this one.

  25. sexyman48

    “I wants it, my precious,”

  26. tlmck

    This is her outfit for the Transformer number. Trying to cash in on the movie.

  27. vlad

    scene from the new Planet of the Apes movie

  28. Anyone miss the last 30 mins of the movie “The Time Machine”? Well, this pretty much sums it up.

  29. Jelena

    Planet of the Apes

  30. vitobonespur

    Pretty fucking boring without a tit hanging out. Come to think of it, pretty fucking boring with or without a tit, two tits, three tits, or a vagina hanging out.

  31. seals

    “You’ve fight well in the old style, but you’ve caused me enough trouble. Now you face…The Shredder.”

  32. lili

    Janet Jackson doing an impression of Justin Bieber doing a Michael Jackson impression.
    My head is going to explode..

  33. that entire family must travel with a team of highly paid psychiatrists

  34. I thought this was a picture from Oprah’s last show.

  35. Ismoss

    Uh I thought they cut its head off in The Two Towers?

  36. Janet Jackson IS the Abominable Snow Person from the Looney Tunes!!!

    “… Ohhhhh lookey here, a bunny Wabbat!!! I’ve always wanted my own Bunny Wabbat … I shall name him Geeeeorge, and I will hug him and pet him and squeeze him and pat him … Geeeeorge? Where are you going Georrge? come back Geeeeorge!!!”

  37. CharmlessMan

    Luke better get his lightsaber quick. This wampa looks hungry.

  38. wilsjay

    Rythym Nation has Storm Troopers now?

  39. i didn’t know she was in planet of the apes!

  40. Brennan Haley

    She does not appear happy with her role in BATTLEFIELD EARTH2 – MUSIC SAVES US ALL.

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