1. Jon Hex

    “Do we really need Fast & the Furious 6?!”

  2. Richard McBeef

    That’s the same creepy smile he had after he shot that congress lady in the head.

  3. Grace

    “Sloth loves Chunk”

  4. cc

    I hate this guys hats and shirts. He doesn’t even wear them himself.

  5. Dopey, the movie.

  6. Squishy


  7. TomFrank

    Gentlemen, we have found our next Lex Luthor.

  8. MAX

    This guy looks dumbass as hell. What an idiot!!!

  9. MrsWrong

    If Vin Deisel and Dave Matthews had a derpy baby

  10. Sin

    Corky grew up.

  11. Michael

    just what the fuck is this

  12. Blech

    Herp Derp poster child.

  13. sexyman48

    And that’s why Bane wears a mask.

  14. vlad

    sorry, but you look less and less like Picard as you grow older, Tom

  15. Beltliner

    Alright! Who left Vin Diesel’s wax mannequin out in the sun?

  16. Chuck Bass

    This is the forger guy that made the snow fortress in INCEPTION? What the fuck happened? Why does he look like a mongoloid version of Vin Diesel or that guy that shot the congress woman?

  17. vitobonespur

    What the fuck is he doing, waiting to drool?

  18. Jovy

    Heeeeey Yooooou Guuuuuys!

  19. Lemard

    You’re all idiots. He is BRONSON and in the next Bayman film

  20. Ismoss

    You still dont look like Patrick Stewart, he looks better.

  21. doogleberg

    Say what you want, but his fucker kicked ass in “Bronson”.

  22. Brennan Haley

    Vin is finally lightening up. Nice.

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