1. Nik

    DId he give himself breast implants?

  2. SSHGuru

    Wow! Ray Romano really bulked up.

  3. cc

    Sure, add him to the cast of Jersey Shore, why not.

  4. You like em? I got them from Kim’s ass when she upgraded.

  5. dontlooknow

    Look at me! I’m the one who did it, fools! Bwahahaha!!! I unleashed it! You see…it’s so simple…I’m a South American Plastic Surgeon, and Kim Kardashian had a Brazilian Butt Implant…see?….Bwahahahaha!!!

  6. It’s like he was trying to do an impression of “The Situation” but confused him with “J-Woww”, and this was the result

  7. “And this is where I plan on giving myself a Tori Spelling chest-fuckhole.”

  8. Cock Dr

    Those are big moobs. Big non-celebrity moobs.
    Thanks for sharing.

  9. BSting

    Paper or plastic?

  10. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    This makes less sense than the old lady and the giraffe.

  11. “wanna touch em”

  12. holymoly

    bwhaaahahahahahha ahaaaa hhhahahaha! omg! thanks for the laugh!

  13. holymoly

    he’s showing where his partner puts his wang when he tit f’cks him

  14. pdan

    “See, now, this is what we call ‘normal’ separation – if you want the full ‘Partridge,’ that costs extra.”

  15. Squishy

    I WISH I was Johnny Depp!!

  16. Body by Rey, hair by Helen Keller.

  17. kate

    You’re a douche Dr. Rey

  18. Ponkur

    “Go on, touch them. Don’t they feel real?”

  19. Ponkur

    “Want tits like these? Buy my book!”

  20. MrsWrong

    Those keys around his neck open the door to enlightenment. No one told him it was closed with a combination lock

  21. Sin

    Me want boobies!!

  22. Michael

    Khloe’s new haircut is alright, but that shirt is unflattering to her body type.

  23. Tara Overholt

    My butt used to be tight enough for just one key…

  24. Cam

    Someone should tell him Hef isn’t looking for another girlfriend right now.

  25. Audieme

    I heard he’s not “licensed” to do plastic surgery?

  26. RHawk

    “This will keep them from noticing my hair piece.”

  27. vlad

    Body by Ray, hair by Hair Club for Men

  28. Skeezik

    “Take a key and unlock my Moobs, you swarthy sailor.”

  29. Ismoss

    Hey you need to get back to Rite Aid they ran out of douche bags.

  30. Steelerchick


  31. sasha

    Never heard of him. But eeewwwwww. Don’t need to see that again.

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