1. EricLr

    Just act cool, man…No one knows you’ve got a kilo up your ass. Just blend in and don’t sweat.

  2. Sausage fest. Just how he likes it.

  3. dontkillthemessenger

    Julianne Hough did say his favorite song is, “It’s raining men… Hallelujah!”

  4. Why are there no women in this photograph?

  5. “You mean this isn’t Fire Island?”

  6. Hank E. Ring

    What’s Jimmy Buffet doing there?

  7. Crazed Abandon

    Is that Ron Jeremy in the background? C’mon Ryan, now you’re just showing off!

  8. Bonky

    So many men, so little time.

  9. justin

    Closing time at the Blue Oyster Bar

  10. Contusion

    It looks like he got transported back in time to the late ’70s via a J. Crew catalog shoot.

  11. Johnny P!

    “Who’s the prettiest boy at the 70′s gay porn look-alike contest?”

  12. The Pope

    Seacrest out.

  13. “Where’s my beard?!”

  14. CK

    Gay hat… check.
    Confused about his sexuality… double-check!

  15. BaccusVD

    Smithers shouldn’t you be looking after Mr Burns?

  16. Seacrest! You cant just stroll through the NAMBLA convention in 2012. Cameras bro.

  17. Coyote

    Wow, even in France, I am the smallest guy here

  18. Mike Walker

    ♫ Dans le port d’Amsterdam
    Y’a des marins qui chantent
    Les rêves qui les hantent
    Au large d’Amsterdam… ♫

  19. So is he the manager for the Crosby Stills & Nash tribute band behind him?

  20. box

    It is seriously so Goddamn cute when parents dress their kids up like trendy mini adults.

  21. Ryan Seacrest: Giving hats a bad name.

  22. halfpintkilla

    “hmmmmm… I believe it’s about time for my hourly mustache ride!”

  23. Pine Table Fever

    *whispers* “…what we see here is the common ‘Hatted Homosexual’ in his natural habitat. Easily startled, they seek protection in numbers – always on the look out for predators or cute pool boys.

  24. Bigalkie

    What a little elf.

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