1. EricLr


  2. USDA Prime McBeef

    I wonder what shame sells for on the “shore”. I’m thinking it’s pretty tough to score some of that shit out there.

  3. JC

    Listen up, America: If you’re under 75 and have the use of both of your legs, do not go buy a fucking Rascal scooter because you saw these ass pimples do it. Seriously, I’ll execute every last one of you.

  4. Dick Hell

    Wouldn’t it be great if Verne Troyer roared up on his Rascal and cut them off, causing them to take a header off the pier? (sigh)

  5. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    It takes the hardest of hearts to watch the Special Olympics without laughing

  6. Walkin’ is too hard, yo.

  7. Johnny P!

    Vinny: “Race ya!”
    Snooki: “To where? My career and life are going nowhere…”

  8. techman

    I hope it catches on with Lindsey and all the other idiots who don’t belong behind the wheel of a car. Won’t catch on with rappers though because it would be too difficult to bulletproof.

  9. True American heroes.

  10. CK

    “Douchery knows no speed limit.”

  11. kimmykimkim


  12. Jonesy

    All the boys and girls get your medi-chairs
    Get your leopard print bag and your fucked up hair
    Cruise down the boardwalk like two gangsters rollin’
    Hey, stay out the fuckin’ way cuz suckas I ain’t slowin’
    I don’t need an orange flag or a helmet son
    And you can’t try to keep up, but you might have to run
    Bitch, I’m living large and I’m in control
    Hey, who the fuck said that? I AM NOT A TROLL!!!!

  13. tlmck

    Betty White ought to walk up and bitch slap them.

  14. Anyone here familiar with tiny car bombs? I have some work for you.

  15. The Special Olympics had motocross?

  16. doood

    and i thought jessica simpson was gonna be in one of those 1st.

    in all fairness the boardwalk goes on for miles and i got a bad back and a bad leg and am also extremely lazy

    • But how old are those two assholes? Twenty-three..twenty-four? And just because the boardwalk goes on for miles, doesn’t mean they have to. They are fucking lazy.

  17. baked

    aww, look.. the short bus got a shuttle service! how nice!

  18. Vlad

    We be rollin’ they be hatin’

  19. Jason

    I’m telling you people, Americans are all going to end up like the people on Wall-E– except without the cool spaceships.

  20. Mrs. Binkey

    Enough scooter talk. Can we please get back to the fact that snooki looks like a goddamn retarded wookie in this picture? Discuss.

  21. Roller Herpes

  22. “Good afternoon, STD’s…why of course we deliver…”

  23. cagster

    Oh look, the circus has rolled into town

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