1. EricLr

    Still good looking. But not for much longer.

  2. That’s what happen’s if you swallow Charlie’s sheen.

  3. Contusion

    Trying….desperately….to….hold…on. (Not sure to what.)

  4. The Most Interesting

    She does know that it’s just a movie and they can’t protect her from Charlie, right?

  5. tlmck

    “Somebody wind her up. She’s stopped again.”

  6. doood

    denise richards’ [colon] it’s complicated

  7. Why does every picture of Denise Richards looks like her kneecaps turn white when she blinks?

  8. Yes, Kelly Preston, it could be worse.

  9. broduhjenner

    orange you glad I didn’t say winning?

  10. box

    This is exactly why we need to start praising little girls for their original thoughts and ideas instead of just patting them on the head and telling them what pretty princesses they are. Sadly, I give you Exhibit A.

  11. She has major crazy eyes.

  12. Franka

    “Ms. Richards! Charlie Sheen just did an interview and said he would love to have sex with you again. How do you respond?”

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