1. The eyes are cute, but gads, everything else…

  2. EricLR

    Methus Addictus!!

  3. “You, little fucker in front! Call me ‘Elijah Wood’ one more time and I’ll fuck you up!”

  4. “Mr. Potter, Mr. Potter! Will you sign my hymen?”

  5. awkwardturtle

    Is the hair growing out of the eyebrows, or are the eyebrows growing out of the hair?

  6. Harry Potter and the 6 day meth binge.

  7. Matt

    Is this the one that doesn’t drink anymore?

  8. “This is about the exact angle that my pecker hangs at, too.”

  9. He’s just over-energetic.

  10. …he’s on the mccaulkin diet.

  11. HP Pennypacker

    Gary Sinise is looking youthful.

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