1. L. Lohan, Instructor

    “And now just bob your head up and down.”

  2. Jayden’s so surprised, he forgot to crinkle his forehead.

  3. broduhjenner

    more like “el homoguero”

  4. I didn’t know Jeff Goldblum even spoke Spanish.

  5. johnny p!

    To the Spanish audience, a touching father-son duet.
    To the rest of the doomed world, the perfect harmony notes that re-activate the long dormant engines of Xenu’s Mother Ship.

  6. “And now, sir, this is your relevance”


  7. Screech points out his favorite parts of his sex tape to anyone that will listen.

  8. MilwaukeeJoe

    Man, Dustin Diamond nearly convincingly photoshopped himself right in there.

  9. EricLR

    He must be showing them a video of real acting.

  10. looks like they are doing multidimensional mathematics.

  11. What could they be looking at that was shocking enough to make Jaden take his trademark asshole look off his face?

  12. “…and here is the box office numbers for ‘After Earth’…they’re very small”

  13. Banastre Tarleton

    “so , this is a vagina Will. Jade , you probably won’t need to think about vaginas much either “

  14. donkeylicks

    After seeing the yacht pictures I would have guessed but now I know that Adrian Brody truly is magical.

  15. Saw it..we LOVE Will Smith here,and he´s been on that show 4 times now :) He gets on great with the host and the rest of the crew and his Spanish is pretty good..he makes everyone laugh etc.

    So he´s not that popular in the US??

    • Actually he has been, up until fairly recently, very popular and has made some pretty cool movies. But rumors have been circulating for a while now that he and his family have become Scientologists, which doesn’t settle well with a lot of people. Plus his son, Jaden, acts like a “holier-than-thou” spoiled rich kid, and even MORE people dislike that.

  16. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    If they weren’t black, then the saying “monkey see, monkey do” would be SO apt to post, given the actual content of the pic. But because they are black, such a post would come off as unintendedly malignant.

  17. “Will ya lookie dat? He fried dat whole chicken in less dan a quart of awl.”

  18. “Paula Deen said What???”

  19. Two jerks: big and small.

  20. Swearin

    He just caught a thetan in midair

  21. It’s nice that Will’s started mouth-breathing around Jaden so he’ll feel normal.

  22. Spanish Andy Dick is a great magician.

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