1. If you’re REALLY Taylor Lautner, then take off your shirt!

  2. Looks more like “Ron Jeremy on the set of ‘Date Rape’”

  3. Be a shame if they dented that hood.

  4. And the owner of that classic GTO just shit his pants.

  5. “Tee hee! Stop it, Danny Trejo, that tickles!”

  6. “Have you ever had you shit pushed in?”

  7. Finish Him! *Rips spine from body*

    Flawess Victory.

  8. donkeylicks

    It’s like somebody took a dump on the hood of my adolescent dreams.

  9. I think Taylor just lost his parking space.

  10. “Get off that car, you assholes. You’re gonna fuck it up!”

  11. tlmck

    What that movie really needs is Danny Trejo to kick both of their asses for messing with that fine car.


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