1. renotastic

    Tying shoes is the most effort he puts into any of his douchey looks.

  2. Banastre Tarleton

    Why go out of your way to look stupid?

  3. ruckus

    Oh these pants? Megan let me borrow them! Cool, huh?

  4. broduhjenner

    trying to secure his role in tonto 2.

  5. johnny p!

    Sloooooooow day for the paps, I guess…

  6. Congratulations Shia.

    You’ve just become the biggest fucking loser in the history of our species.

  7. EricLR

    Well, at least he hasn’t had to pawn his favorite velvet pants for heroin…yet.

  8. Sheppy

    You dinged your truck, dude.

  9. Fucking stop it.

  10. That’s one tough truck hombre!

  11. Jenn

    He probably hit the truck because someone told him how stupid those boots looked. Then he cried when it hurt his hand.

  12. crb

    Must. find. his. source. for. velour. man-jeggings,…

  13. Cody42

    Am I the only one who thinks it looks like he pissed his pants? But then kept wearing them and they started to dry a bit?

  14. Robb7

    I think you’re right. The almost-dried-urine stains give the velour an interesting pattern — but the $4 watch completes the look.

  15. His mother never warned him that if he kept making doucheface, it would freeze that way.

  16. Here we have a douche looking for a nozzle…

  17. anonymous

    Does this guy even work? Can’t remember the last movie he did after talking shit about Transformers and Indiana Jones. Smart move pissing off the top 1%-ers of Hollywood.

    At least Megan Fox can bang her way back to work.

  18. …seriously, what the fuck is wrong with this kid …because it’s definitely something. (who’d've thought that admitting he wants to bang his mom would’nt be the weirdest thing about him?)

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