1. P. Deen

    “I miss Seal’s lips…”

  2. She better be careful or a kid is liable to fall out of there.

  3. Not seen: She’s not wearing any pants and there is a guy lying on his back with his face in her cooter.

  4. Telemarketer

    Heidi Klum…the ride. (Just like Seal remembers it).

  5. crb

    She certainly looks a lot more happy-go-lucky than those other girls trying to jam the biggest dildo they can up there.

    Most of them look and sound quite distressed; as if soon they will cry out for the aid of the most powerful bucket-loader at the county fair,

  6. martian

    this pic scream milf and/or attention whore.

  7. “Splashing Sybian Safari” is a huge success.

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