1. EricLR

    Peter Pan and the Lost Duh’oys.

  2. I’m digging Davy from Davy and Goliath with the blonde hair.

  3. This is why I hate Millennials.

  4. Her shirt is too long.

  5. I’ll take all of the girls in this video.

  6. “Hey, gangsta wannabes, I’m gonna fuck all three of your women, in alphabetical order. And don’t get so smug. You’re next!”

  7. telemarketer

    Everyone should be asking themselves…a little crack…or, ALOT of crack.

  8. “We’re from the streets!”

  9. She’s a very bad girl.

  10. “What? Admiral Oilspill is attacking the harbor? Quick, everyone, combine your powers! EARTH!”
    Guy on far left: “…goddamnit. Heart.”

  11. She’s looking nice and trim these days.

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