1. Simon Cowell

    ADL (alien diaper load)

  2. Justin Bieber performing in Los Angeles – with a full load in his pants.

    There, fixed it.

  3. Now we know where he hides his “Lucky Charms.”

  4. Alex

    “When the pants are low and they carry the green glow…Diarrhea.”

  5. Ah, I see Huggies still make those ones that change colour when wet…

  6. William Barrington

    the white chimp in soothing green light – nice !

  7. When did the Green Lantern Corps start issuing butt plugs instead of rings?

  8. Professor Xavier

    oh, i get it now. usher’s dick was radioactive and granted bieber mutant douche powers

  9. At the point you have to design your wardrobe around a colostomy bag, perhaps it’s time Usher sprang for some anal retreading surgery.

  10. rican

    So finally we know the identity of the Green Lantern – USHER!… TAN…TAN…TAN!!!

  11. EricLR


  12. little poopy pants Beiber.

  13. awkwardturtle

    I challenge anyone to look this cool after taking a dump in their pants while stopping at an Ellen DeGeneres look alike contest after getting off from their job collecting garbage and heading to their other job as the drive-thru operator at Wendy’s. Anyone.

  14. The Illuminati Did It

    Whoop, whoop, whoop, whoop…….It’s Hammer time!

  15. Jc

    And then he stuck the light saber up his ass so no one else could play with it.

  16. Those pants seem like they would be a speed brake for the kick in the ass he desperately needs.

  17. Tired of being buttfucked by Usher dressed as Superman, Justin had a kryptonite asshole installed. It had no effect.

  18. Well now I’ve seen it all. Stars that piss themselves while performing and now a douche bag shitting in his pants on stage. Green no less. Awesome. Pass the bleach. For my eyes!

  19. Mike

    Oh, yeah, this motherfucker’s straight.

  20. cc

    ‘Here, take this, Superman. haha! It’s Kryponite! ‘

    ‘Here Bieber, have it back!’

  21. I never thought I’d say this, but…I’d rather have Ryan Reynolds back as Green Lantern.

  22. Bieber wears those really loose pants because someone told him his testicles may descend any time now.

  23. Joe Blow

    While Bieber can smell a rock hard cock from across the room, his X-Ray specs let him determine which one it is. (It’s the black one. It’s *always* the black one.)

  24. Jenn

    Green means go. Right up the ass.

  25. Swearin

    I hate to say it, but his pose here is reminiscent of late 1980′s Michael Jackson. Which I think is the way he would’ve wanted it: to have his legacy live on in the body of a rich, white teenage boy with control issues

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