1. caley

    Rickles: “Oh My God, what happened to Kimmie Gibler?!”

  2. Alex

    “Who the hell are these people?”

  3. “You look like you’re still pretty loaded… How does Mrs. Kathy Rickles sound?”


    “Call me something I haven’t heard a million times already. Here, I’ll wheel you to the chapel. Jewish or nondenominational service?”

  4. broduhjenner

    Kathy griffin a before and after

  5. ruckus

    I bet they all think they are more famous then the other three.

  6. EricLR

    I think such an abundance of easy targets just shorted out Don Rickles.

  7. “We all used to be on hit TV shows.”
    “What’s TV?”

  8. “pssst! What’s da non-Jew doing here??”

    “shhh! He’s good looking”

  9. Wow, that old bag in the middle looks like shit. Good to see Don Rickles, though.

  10. Where are the Olsen twins?

  11. “If Frank & Jilly were still here, they’d slap the old face back onto this broad.”

  12. Guess which one of these has had the most plastic surgery?

  13. Bob Saget reunites with John Stamos as they care for Bob’s aging father and his trophy wife in Full House: Royal Flush.

  14. cc

    He was great in Casino. That’s all I’m saying.

  15. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    Sergeant Crapgame’s talent shits all over these other frauds.

  16. “This is my prostitute?… I want my money back!”

  17. Kathy Griffin must have SOMETHING going for her. I’ll be goddamned if I can determine what it is though.

  18. knew rickles was short
    but didnt know he was tom cruise short.

  19. crb

    So my date’s Chlamydia?

    I coulda sworn by the redness she was just a old case a Da Herp.

  20. “Goddammit! I TOLD you I wouldn’t perform with Carrot Top!”

  21. I thought they just roasted them at these things, not stuffed and mounted.

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