1. Those are some serious hemorrhoids.

  2. That’s one hell of a sex sling. I wonder if she’ll let you put some kind of mask over her face?

  3. Freebie

    Why has she become a circus performer? The singing bit not working?

  4. Stacy

    She can do all of that and still sing live. Lets see Beyonce try to do half of this and still sing live. OH, thats right. Beyonce can not sing and dance at the same time.

    • Enidaj

      I agree with you. She is one hell of a live act.

    • dirk diggler

      Yeah but Beyonce is hotter, and thats what really counts.

    • Do you think, Pink can dance and sing simultaneously? I doubt that.

      • After seeing her live performance of “Try” at the American Music Awards, I don’t doubt for one minute that she can. That shit was amazing.

      • Raymond Flattenburg

        No amount of talent could make up for the fact that she has as much style as lady gaga’s used douche water. In other words, that woman is a tranny–and not even a good one at that. (Covergirl my ass.)

      • Suck it Bey

        she’s done it many times on live tv shows. She did Try while battle dancing, Glitter In The Air while performing acrobatics, she’s done it her whole career. She doesn’t half ass anything. I really wish people would give her credit where credit is due. So she has an “edgy” look you don’t like? So. It’s about the performance and this woman puts on one hell of a show.

      • Johnnyu

        Why don’t you boys get a room?

  5. I’m just glad I can’t see any Pink.

  6. The Pink Players present “The Birth of North West”

  7. Who…actually…goes to a Pink concert?

  8. ghhggh


  9. Remember when musicians used to play instruments and sing?

  10. I’ll take this invitation, but I’ll have to cover her face because with that haircut it’ll feel like I’m fucking Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

  11. Tiggles

    Cirque Du Can’t Sing

  12. Season 3 of “American Horror Story” looks terrifying.

  13. Lohan toe corn

    People actually pay and waste minutes of their life watching this thing?

  14. Cirque du Soleil Presents: K-Dash! The birth of North West Kardashian – Starring P!nk!

  15. I see a little Brown performing too.

  16. Wait. So, her vagina is a giant, shiny, gaping black hole that sucks shirtless gay men in to a deep, dark abyss? Well played, Republicans.

  17. cc

    Cirque du Pussé

  18. anonym

    there’s a penis under there

  19. She must be stronger than 9 acres of onions. No wonder she’s got such an “interesting” body!

  20. This was the last time Pink went to Lady Ga Ga’s gynecologist.

  21. Initiation’s over, Michael. Time to join the club.

  22. AntMan

    Enter the dragon

  23. crb

    Eye herpes

  24. crb

    Fifth horseman of the Apocalypse?

  25. I believe the next song features a pommel horse and later on a balance beam.

  26. tlmck

    Make a wish.

  27. H.R. Giger is coming up with weirder shit every single day.

  28. Bloggers seem incapable of getting this right. Pink is wearing Latex leggings with a crotch thru zip. Like these

    Carry on.

  29. Matt


  30. Cirque du Vagasil.

  31. I Pulled It to Miley's Vadge

    The fuck?!

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