1. Dbag

    What can be said that hasn’t already been said about that thing.

  2. anonymous

    Her ass’ gravity is pulling the Caravan toward it.

  3. Chaz

    If she turned around, I bet you’d see a trunk.

  4. mamamia

    Look at this, and then skip a few pics to the pic of Raquel Welch in her 70s. JEEZ!

  5. It’s been said before, but I’ll say it again:

    That’s no moon. It’s a space station.

    It’s too big to be a space station.

    I have a bad feeling about this.

  6. How nice of her to provide a giant drive in movie screen for everyone in traffic

  7. satan'srighthand74

    That diaper needs to be changed!

  8. Hmm

    Not sure why she’s so fond of white clothing. Super unflattering, she should seriously know better.

  9. Short Round

    Good thing the two cars didn’t park side by side. No insurance provider covers this kind of damage. Not since the first time it happened.

  10. the bra with backless dress is a really classy look.

  11. BigGirl


  12. Cock Dr

    She should sell that space for ads. It is as big as a billboard.
    A burger place should hop right on that…..MOOOOOOO

  13. Every time someone posts a photo of her looking all Photoshopped and decent, they should also have to look at this photo as a reminder.

  14. Needs some tuba music

  15. Stephanie Kwolek, the inventor of Kevlar, died recently. But for her, this photo could have been a lot worse.

  16. Ahab

    THAR SHE BLOWS !!!!!

  17. I would love to make a snarky comment here, but given that a short while ago I was ogling Kelly Osbourne’s butt, I no longer feel I have the right to judge posteriors.

  18. So there’s an IMAX drive-in now?

  19. Odbarc

    Adult Diaper Model KK sporting how seamless their new “Change-it-once-a-week” design looks and can fit into any dress.

  20. kunta kinte

    B L A C K _ P E E

  21. Little Tongue

    The things you see at a Walmart parking lot.

  22. TheO

    I see they finally gave Kim her own lane of traffic.

  23. This woman is pretty much perfectly shaped…hawt.

  24. Michael

    I think I’ll shut up about Nikki Minaj’s huge ass. Kim is just retarded with that tank ass.

  25. Call the Ghostbusters ! The Sta-Puff Marshmallow man isn’t dead yet!

  26. Oh, come on now, Kim, how hard could it be to lose 50 pounds?

  27. Call Captain Ahab ASAP, we have spotted The White Whale. Sharpen your harpoons gentlemen.

  28. When that ass farts it sounds just like Godzilla.

  29. Preacher

    That’s no moon… that’s a space station!

  30. Robb7

    Stop it!! Just stop posting pics of this pig!!!

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