1. Pickle Nose

    Don’t know where to start. There’s a lot going on here.

  2. ElPollodiablo

    4 ft, 4’6 with the douche bangs

  3. Forrest Gump


  4. kaschuh

    day program had an outing to Old Country Buffet

  5. CK

    Do paparazzi cameras now come with “doofus” instagram filters, or is this real life I’m seeing?

  6. ultra

    For a second, I thought this was the Special Olympics.

  7. Josephus

    On the heels of “Fat Mac,” the upcoming season of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” will now feature “Twatwaffle Mac.”

  8. “Neo, its me Mexican Morpheus. He took the douche pill. We are going to go buy some Tapout shirts.”

  9. “I’m gonna make you look good, Pete!”

  10. Spleen

    Should be his next album cover.

  11. Why exactly does Pete Wentz need a bodyguard?

  12. “Can I get a picture?”
    “Oh, are you a fan of Fall out Boy?”
    “No! I want you to take one of me and Mr. Clean.”

  13. Selfie douche whore and a guy with a camera.

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