1. Chaz

    With teeth like that, it’s fitting this set is in London.

  2. I’m guessing that “The Legend” was not a dentist.

  3. “and so friends, we shall send a ship off to the new world, and they shall search for this mythical ‘a dentist’ “

  4. “Do I make you haw-ney as I file your tax return?! Yeah! Do I?!”

  5. When in Rome…errrr…London.

  6. This is what happens when you’re born and raised in darkness.

  7. Braces? It would be extremely painful.

  8. Ever heard of a toothbrush, dude?

  9. That’s why nobody cared who he was until he put on the mask.

    • Actually, he was already recognized as a very talented actor before The Dark Knight Rises. Obviously you haven’t watched his other successful movies, like Bronson and Inception.

      • You failed to mention his greatest role ever, playing Jean Luc Picard’s Romulan-raised clone in Star Trek: Nemesis. Nevertheless, the fact that you felt the need to respond to enlighten the masses of his prior films proves my point: Nobody cared who he was until he point on the mask.

  10. fuckface

    The hair says Jon Hamm.
    The teeth say Shane MacGowan.

  11. Did you need to add in “London”? The teeth were self explanatory.

  12. Hedley & Wyche is the toothpaste that makes brushing a pleasure. That’s because its mild cleaning agent is enhanced by two teaspoons of pure cane sugar, for a smile that says “Yum, that was good!”

    Hedley & Wyche. The British toothpaste. You don’t have to brush your teeth every week – but you just might want to!

  13. Now we know why he wore the Bane mask in Dark Knight Rises.

  14. rican

    Sporting the Steve Buscemi look is in.

  15. Kudos to his orthodontist.

  16. DML

    I still think he’s sex on a stick.

  17. Agreed. He is such a hottie, and a great actor.
    And for the record, his real teeth do not look like that.

  18. In England, The Legend is a dentist.

  19. Wasn’t he the drummer in Cream? Ginger Vitis?

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