1. Duck, duck, gay duck.

  2. Natty Ice

    One of these things is not like the other…

  3. Short Round

    The Usual Gay Suspects

  4. Is there a sale at Hot Topic?

  5. Their new band, Poser Explosion, looks amazing.

  6. fred

    Isn’t that event put on by the LGBT Club at Howard University?

  7. “Smell no evil” isn’t a thing. That’s why the other guys aren’t joining in.

  8. It’s alright sir they can’t see you. Now, which one ass raped you in the men’s room?

  9. Clearly the guy in the middle just had his hand in Jonas’s ass and is now sniffing it.

  10. Who? Who? And who cares.

  11. Michael

    Douche. Chills.

  12. donkeylicks

    The name of their band is Joe Goes to Hollywood.

  13. A better name would be Hershey Highway Patrolmen.

  14. Even Joe thinks it’s douche bag overload.

  15. “Officer, I’m like 99% sure it was the one on the far right. Make him step forward and say, “Don’t you dare cum in my mouth without warning me.”

  16. Joe Jonas trying to blend in among the Hot Topic mannequins until the swarm of gay men pass by.

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