1. j/k

    Looks like no one can come up with something funny and PC.

  2. Is he/she trying to give Kim a run for her money?
    Just kidding, neither of them can run…

  3. dontkillthemessenger

    If Magic actually contracted a life threatening disease 20 years ago, he’d be rolling over in his grave right now.

  4. “It’s a pregnant Carl from Jimmy Neutron . “

  5. CK

    At least we don’t see boxers hiked up with those droopy pants.

    Or a thong.

  6. His ass looks better than Kim K’s!

  7. Fuck PC — I’m here to be censored: That’s a huge bitch

  8. fuckface

    “OHHHH! I just LOVE your hand bag!”
    “Thanks! I love yours, too!”

  9. Fucking nasty, dude hit the gym, your dad is a pro athlete and you are rich as shit, get a fucking trainer.

  10. Donald Sterling was wrong. This is Magic’s punishment.

  11. MZ MIZRY

    note to self:
    in case of children= dont tell them early that they are already multi-millionaires.

  12. MZ MIZRY

    also my ankles are hurting like hell.

  13. I’m glad we’re moving away from the cis-gendered label-based mentality because I sure as hell don’t have a word for this.

  14. “You toughed my boob!”
    “Sorry Earvin.”

  15. Vlad

    Look, I’m imitating Marilyn Monroe!

    I don’t see a ventilation grate?

    No, it’s all Earvin power!

  16. There is not a big enough font to convey the level of WTF? that is going on right here.

  17. Raymond Flattenberg

    He needs some ProActiv for that spare tire.

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