1. Zohan


  2. What material is that that’s able to contain the nippasourases????

  3. Bob

    Fiancee’s movie or not, if I were Jennifer Aniston I think I would avoid going anywhere where my name would be associated with “leftovers”.

  4. Now she’s just rubbing it in Angelina’s face. Which is a movie I’d actually go see.

  5. Jimmy

    Boring mannequin. If you like that, just go for Heidi Montag

  6. CK

    I hope she ages well.

  7. How can it be Jennifer Aniston if there’s no fripples?

  8. Look rich, healthy, still young, and wouldn’t touch me with a ten foot pole. Or mine. Still… three out of four…

  9. Even if the rest of her were fucked up (notice I said IF) those legs are fucking golden!

  10. She looks hot.

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