1. She’s Terry-proofing herself.

  2. Mr. King

    Do NOT look into the deadlights

  3. tom

    She makes me want to punch her hard in the face.

  4. This may be the first pic of her I have ever seen where my penis said sure he would do her…

  5. Is she flagging down a giant lesbian monster?
    Are men finally getting the cunnilingus instructional video we’ve all yearned for?
    Was Michele Rodriguez vaginally challenged and Cara didn’t notice because they were drunk/stoned 99% of the time?

    These are the questions that need answers

  6. Iron Man 4 is looking pretty good.

  7. Cock Dr

    Someone should tell Cara she’s doing “free the nipple” all wrong.

  8. Real Deal


  9. So, no entry down below, but I’m cleared for landing up top? Okay.

  10. Is her ass no entry too?

  11. Fuck this ugly bitch and the nepotism horse she rode in on.

  12. My first, and still best, reaction is “What the FUCK?”

  13. ThrewUpInMyMouth

    At this moment, James Franco is screaming at his lawyer over the phone, “She STOLE the concept I was going to use for the “Tele-Tubbies” movie pitch. Now NO ONE will take it seriously! I want you to sue her ass till it bleeds!!!”

  14. She took the term “High Beams” incredibly wrong!

  15. “i’m going to upload it to Instagram” Makes a better reason than “I just want to shoot such a photo and keep it private”. We live in interesting times…

  16. Fish, I don’t know what boys you’re hanging around …

  17. I must be getting old, because she looks like a kid to me and it creeps me out.

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