1. Cock Dr

    Goats, sheep, rams….
    WTF is this?

  2. JC

    “Running with the Rams” sounds pretty bad-ass until you see that said rams are made out of felt.

  3. SIN

    Forced Blow Jobs. Is he reminicing about Mila?

  4. bethy

    And now Wilmer will prove the breath-freshening efficacy of Stride gum by making this goat’s mouth as dirty as it ever has been and will be.

  5. Nnnnnn

    He’s taking the double team in Stride.

  6. vlad

    and now for the money shot

  7. Siloporcen7


  8. g-moonie

    Based on Wilmer’s facial expression, I’m guessing it’s his agent who’ll be getting fucked in this whole thing…

  9. tlmck

    Having missed out on Courtney Stodden, a distraught Wilmer turns to bestiality.

  10. vitobonespur

    Does this constitute bestiality?

  11. cc

    Oh, look, he’s getting double teamed!

  12. Kitty

    Both these photos of Wilmer are hilarious….

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