1. AleisterCrowley

    I hope their kids don’t have the same fucked up face disease that Seal does.

  2. Tara Overholt

    Supermodel or summer sublet roommate who only showers in the evening and even then doesn’t wash her hair? Hard to say.

  3. you know how you watch a horror movie, and you just know something bad is going to happen right before it does…I have that feeling about her boobs.

  4. JMS

    After seeing the picture of Leann Heidi somehow looks fat.

  5. M

    Didn’t she used to have tits?

  6. Like a G6

    I hate to disrupt the rhythm here but Gesus, she is effortlessly gorgeous. dirty hair and all. she cant do anything wrong. love the shorts, love the top, love the purse, LOVE LOVE LOVE THE sunglasses! You should include a ‘where to find’ rollover on only pix of Heidi k.

  7. vitobonespur

    Here we see Heidi Klum trying to remember where she left her breasts…

  8. Too rich for hems.

  9. It had to be said

    Wie sagt man “MILF” auf Deutsch, Herr Fish?

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