1. Topher

    If carrot top and Serena Williams had a baby….

  2. Jack

    Wendy’s is trying out a new ad campaign.

  3. Amy

    Rihanna should lay off the steroids.

  4. Lemmiwinks

    Wow, Rihanna is ripped!

  5. Ew

    Needs to work on his chest

  6. Deacon Jones

    Ahhh….Looks like Tyra is up to her dieting antics again….

  7. Somewhere in Hollywood Chelsea Handler is masturbating furiously to this picture.

  8. SFord

    How is there not a whole post dedicated to this?

  9. AleisterCrowley

    Still looks prettier than your average black woman.

  10. bassface

    Flip Wilson has been dead long enough, I say let him have it.

  11. Wendy Williams looking batshit crazy, son!

  12. Colin

    Ugh, go away Gayle King, no one cares that you’re Oprah’s longtime lesbian lover.

  13. Robert

    The To Wong Fu remake rocks!

  14. vitobonespur

    Why does Dr. Dre deserve two spots in “The Crap We Missed”?

  15. It had to be said

    Dennis Rodman redux. Good move, Dwight. Good move.

  16. cc

    Where’s Hugh Grant?

  17. Brennan Haley

    Man, I am really not looking forward to this new Conan flick.

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