1. David Copperfield made her tits disappear.

    • The Critical Crassness

      Nah, it’s the stripes that are hiding them. David Copperfield made himself disappear out of her life.

  2. AleisterCrowley

    Not bad. At first I thought it was Tiger’s ex-wife. Unfortunately she’s got some googly eyeballs under those sunnies.

  3. chupacabra

    If I was her husband cock deep in the cold hearted Jan Jones, I’d be thinking, at least it’s not that damn muppet looking toothy german face I’m banging right now. Whew.

  4. Lucy


    She looks a lot better with Photoshop.

  5. “And this is the foot I’m going to plant in January Jones’ pregnant ass when I find her”.

  6. MrsWrong

    Ewww….shes got Paris Hilton feet. She must buy her shoes at clown shops!

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