1. Lemmiwinks

    I suppose it doesn’t matter that the sunglasses aren’t wide enough, her hair can keep the sun out of her eyes.

  2. The slope of her forehead keeps most of the sun from getting in her eyes.

  3. The Critical Crassness

    Normally a picture of Amanda with a tight top, hugging those big breasts like a second skin would be worthy of at least two or three looks. However, the sun reflecting off of another large body part is blinding me, so I can’t really see her breastwork clearly.

  4. AleisterCrowley

    That’s where she keeps her tator tots.

  5. Jenny with a Y

    Optometrists warn that if you stare too long at Amanda Seyfried’s skin in the bright sun, permanent damage may occur.

  6. Anon

    “No time for photos, pappies! Off to find more horse corpses!”

  7. Jovy

    Gross, I thought this was lohan.

  8. Brennan Haley

    When guys do it, it’s pocket pool. When girls do, it’s flap slapping.

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