1. Jack

    Kim Kardashian’s ass, where the screening was filmed.

  2. Lemmiwinks

    Her ass deserves it’s own star on Hollywood Boulevard.

  3. Deacon Jones

    I wonder if the toilet seat rolls its eyes when it sees that fucking thing coming at it.

  4. pdan

    “Kim Kardashian at a screening of [sic] in Beverly Hills. ”

    I’ll give the caption-drafter the benefit of the doubt, and assume he couldn’t see around her ass to figure out what the screening was.

  5. Must have ended, since the curtain looks like it’s coming down.

  6. The Critical Crassness

    Clearly her ass is in violation of at least three city ordinances….but the most important one is the need to have a “Wide Load” sign posted when moving that thing on the highway or sidewalk.

  7. SIN

    Shouldn’t she be required by law to have an “OverSized Load” sign?

  8. BigDaddy

    You know she has some big skidmarks, because theres no way she can clean that thing good. Is that her ass or the back of the escalade.

  9. AleisterCrowley

    I give “of in Beverly Hills” two thumbs up. A real tearjerker.

  10. dotmatrix

    How do we know it’s her?

  11. Siloporcen7

    There is a long indentation…I think there is a pad on it

  12. blahblahblah

    Is it weird that I really, really want to put some Precious Moments figurines on her ass? It just looks that much like a shelf.

  13. Looks like it was filmed in Panavision.

  14. fap

    Maybe she’s packing nappies in there for some kind of twisted variant on watersports.

  15. Justin

    That is a fucking disgusting ass. Why do people think it looks good. WTF is wrong with black dudes that make them attracted to this kind of monstrosity.

  16. lahope

    She could be the Spanx spokesmodel

  17. cc

    Kim K’s ass…why we still need full-size SUVs.

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