1. Lucion

    One of the greatest men alive today.

  2. dontkillthemessenger

    Eugene O’Neill, Tennessee Williams, Mike Tyson.


  3. Schmidtler

    I have to say, Tyson getting his face tattooed was a great move – now, when he’s too tired to open his mouth and speak to let everyone nearby know what a complete moron he is, he can just let the face tattoo say that for him.

  4. I knew he’d end up a lounge singer.

  5. His expression says “refined English voice” but his tattoo says “Tat ear looks yummy”…

  6. Deacon Jones

    “…and then Phillip said to me “Silly, you should only divest your bonds by 5-10% on an annual basis.” That’s when I mentioned the overseas withholding tax of 3%…we laughed for hours.”

  7. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Iowa Writers’ Workshop, I want to eat your children!

  8. kimmykimkim

    Is it just the lighting or does he look sick? He’s looking a little greenish.

  9. My elf mage has that same tattoo.

  10. “This guy over here. Bolivia is a figure of speech not a real place”

  11. Stewie Griffen

    Anyone remember when this guy was actually scary?

  12. bigalkie

    I’d like to thank the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences for my Nobel Prize.

  13. Psycobiff

    And den I would roll down the window on the Rolls and say “Pardon me, do yoos have any Grey Poop on” and make dis face.

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