1. Lucion

    Bad Eye(s) job?

  2. Mikemav

    After seeing this, my initial thought is: Why is Kim Kardashian relevant anymore?

  3. Mikemav

    ^^^Or, “it’s the Kardashian for white guys!”

  4. The original Kardashaclone.

  5. it had to be said

    Meanwhile, Prince William is in the background chatting up a lesbian.

  6. Deacon Jones

    Hear that whoopie cushion?

    That was me blowing a load in my pants.

  7. SSHGuru

    Kardashian 2.0 new and improved.

  8. The Pope

    How is this girl Irish? Have the Moors invaded Ireland now too?

  9. The Brown Streak

    My titty-senses are tingling…

  10. Shutter Speed

    Is that a vagina in her armpit or just a horrible scar shaped like a hole?

  11. brit

    Spiderman loves her waist. He’s missing the point

  12. Cock Dr

    She looks pumped up & ready to go….somewhere.

  13. Dollar store version of Kim Kardashian?

  14. The woman Kim Kardashian was supposed to be.

  15. spartacus

    skinny bitch with implants…. off to California with you Georgia!

  16. Catty

    Apparently her boobs are real, well, according to her.

  17. marno

    kim kardashian is a woman that only american seems to like.
    team georgia all the way.

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