1. a cow died for those pants. oh, the irony…

  2. DeucePickle

    How did the driver of the car get this good of a pic as they were driving into store to run them over ?

  3. “Yo, me an’ my girl wanna sit here. Get out. Leave your food, though. It be lookin’ good.”

  4. Abby Normal

    What I find weird about her ass isn’t the size so much as the fact that it has no discernible contours. Sometimes a big ass can be sexy… a big undefined blob, not so much.

    • cc

      I know…it’s weird but really it just looks lime someone dumped 40 pounds of cheese curds into stretchy plastic bag.


  6. MOOOO!!!!!!!!!

  7. Voulez vouz coucher avec le Denver Nuggets?

  8. It’s going to be a lot of fun to see what the combined effects of age and gravity do to that thing. A whoooole lotta fun.

  9. Among the most disgusting pair of douchebags the human race has ever produced.

  10. The Most Interesting

    “I’mma let you finish yo’ dinner n’ all, but firs’, I gotta axe: Where that watah from? ‘Cos I only piss on ma woman wit’ the clearest o’ watahs.”

  11. it had to be said

    “Yo, my girl took le shit in her pants, hommes. Where’s le bathroom?”

  12. jeffiner

    the problem with her butt is that she knows it’s the only thing she’s got going for her, so she’s been exercising every part of her body EXCEPT her butt, which has left it soft and gooey.

  13. The Brown Streak

    “Mr. Cuban, can I come back now?” – Lemar

  14. Mr. Poop

    Is she wearing a diaper?

  15. CK

    He likes it when she slides her whole hand in there.. Paris is such a romantic city.

  16. Crissy

    I think she is just trying to remind us of when Paris said her ass looked like a garbage bag filled with cottage cheese…

  17. Fat Asses in Paris

  18. cagster

    Is she smuggling Algerians into France in her back pockets? Has to be a family of six in there.

  19. Rising Dragon Fist

    She’s looking for where Walken really hid the watch

  20. Cock Dr


  21. Yo Frenchies, I’m really happy for you…I’ll let you finish eating. But Kim has one of the biggest asses of all time! One of the biggest asses of all time!

  22. yuhi

    so much ewwwwwwww in this pic

    • OinkOink


  23. Pirate Hunter

    “Whut she order?…”

  24. Raoul

    “Damn, girl! Just because we’re in France doesn’t mean you can give me a proctology exam on the street!”

  25. “So look here, lemme tell you somethin’, Homie-Frog, we lookin’ for someone to shoot some “art” films of us, if you gets my drift…”

  26. spartacus


  27. Jonesy

    Sweet Choco / Armenian love. Awwh. “Niggas in Paris at the Cafe in Leather, Yo”!!

  28. YoMamma

    Pull your goddamn pants up – wtf is up with that trend? That can’t possibly feel good. And would you really want to put your hand on your dudes underwear?

    I know I sound like an old lady but I’m younger than Kanye!

  29. mrsmass

    can we get a photo gallery of all the times this chick wears these horrible pants?

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