1. your mom

    oh good. A 9-year old with cupcake tits.

  2. Frank The Duck

    We represent the Lollipop guild…. look out for falling houses Huck

  3. “Hey, where’s Verne Troyer? I told him to be here early ’cause I have a few surprises for him.”

  4. yuhi

    this is where tony should be complaining

  5. mbcl

    thank god no mini-russell brands.

  6. EricLr

    Great, now she’s corrupting our youth.

  7. Bob

    Your move, Jolie!

  8. Psycobiff

    God bless her, she is bringing up a whole new generation of attention whores.

  9. bethy

    Russell Brand WOULD have the ability to spawn the world’s most obnoxious, fastest growing sextuplets.

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