1. Lucion

    Who is this?

  2. yummmmmm.. I wouldn’t kick her out of the shrimp buffet.

  3. Lost

    she’s always such a munndane looking woman

  4. Alec Baldwin

    Get this munngolian out of here, her 15 mins were up 5 year ago.

  5. The things I want to do to that armpit….

  6. Crissy

    ok, so a picture of a woman…

  7. it had to be said

    Somewhere a snake is cold and naked.

  8. The Pope

    No matter where you move, the eyes never look directly at you.

  9. The Brown Streak

    “SSSSSSSnake skin? Me likeyssssss” – Cobra Commander

  10. Rico Jones

    How many dicks does she need to suck in order to get invited to these events. We know for a fact that she fucks people in Hollywood to get work. So I’m just curious what her dick sucking schedule is like.

  11. EricLr

    What critic chose her?

  12. lily

    I cant stand her but this is the prettiest i have seen her look

  13. Frank Burns

    Ugh, not her again, I . . . zzzzzzzzzzzzz

  14. JC

    I want to keep in her in my masturbatory fantasy file, but recently I heard her talk and try to be “funny,” and it was all ruined for me.

  15. billybob

    how does olivia munn get work? google olivia munn/ george loomis

  16. Aceman

    Not sure what a girl has to do to turn on this audience. She is lightning hot.

  17. dboffer

    This photo is a waste of perfectly good digital storage space.

    • Gin&Tonic

      this post is a waste of perfectly good morning wood. now if you’d excuse me, gentlemen, I believe there was a kate upton post i’d like to peruse

  18. nimboobaba

    She has no soul.

  19. Lord Invader

    Something about that smile screams “Masturbator’s remorse’. Oh well……banzai!

  20. bigalkie

    Looking Good. Funny too

  21. I have no idea whiy people are ripping on Olivia so much. Apparantly they claim she is a social fucker. Don’t blame her for that, blame the men who are stupid enough to give her jobs in exchange for sex.

    I think she’s pretty cool. Loved her on “Attack of the Show”


    I’m not sure how I’m supposed to feel about her, without words explaining how she wants to be abused and degraded written near her somewhere.

  23. Terry

    Wonder what her butthole licking schedule looks like? I’d love to lick Olivia’s and then drill it.

  24. She’ll definitely be using this shot for her eHarmony profile.

  25. cc

    I’d still cover her in drawn butter.

  26. KC

    Yeah, a girl who is attractive, funny and smart. Rip her to shreds, YouTube commenters!

  27. Nix

    She could be a good C list celeb if only she didn’t have the personlity of a Pit Bull.

  28. I read somewhere that she was a “correspondent” for The Daily Show for a couple of weeks. So, her initial “interview” went well, but no follow up?

  29. Hugh Jazz

    She’s starting to get that “dolphin butt armpit” that most girls get when they are about to pass their sell-by date.

  30. Pipedreamer

    I’d like to stick my face between them and go “munn, munn, munn”

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