1. I picture the shore lined with black guys for miles all pissed off that they cant swim.

  2. Global sea levels rising?

    The answer.

  3. Can science explain this? Checkmate Atheists!

  4. broduhjenner

    chuba chub chub a big ass with some jugs. who do you think it be? a butcher? a baker? a candlestick maker? or just some fame whore by the sea.

  5. That white stuff in the waves isn’t sea foam. It’s shark cum.

  6. Release the Ass Crack-en!

  7. It wouldn’t look as grotesque if it wasn’t for the strings pressing into the flesh.

  8. The scary thing is she’s actually wearing a pair of Bermuda shorts.

  9. Quick push her back into the ocean! She’s dying!

  10. It’s like wrapping elastics around a water balloon.

  11. Oh, that reminds me. I need to buy four canned hams.

  12. Captain Jerk

    Thats the poster child of a poor diet and all kinds of future health diseases.

  13. Aspect ratio. I’m sure it’s the aspect ratio.

  14. I gotta admit, I agree with Don Zaloog. That really is a beautifully shaped ass. Unfortunately I think it belongs on a different sort of animal…like a rhinoceros!

  15. tlmck

    Heard from just off shore: “Thar she blows!!!”

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