1. Em

    One shake or two, do you think? I’m thinking one, since he’s too lazy to even zip it after.

  2. donkeylicks

    Security escort check, Sketchy mustache check, Fly down Check. Man sex in the bathroom Check.

  3. yourmom

    And by leaving, you mean, kicked out for jacking off in the theater?

  4. Must be George Michael’s bar.

  5. That’s the gayest security guard I’ve ever seen.

  6. Who leaving the what now?

  7. My name *panther growl* is Keith Stone!

  8. anonymous

    Hell I thought this was Jimmy Fallon after having security blow him.

  9. Is Cirque du Soir a gay bar?

  10. kaschuh

    What do birds do?

  11. “Well I de-clare, the glory holes in this establishment are amazingly droll.”

  12. Erik

    Invisible Handcuffs!

  13. “Ed Westwick” is actually his porn name. It indicates that his dick curves to the left.

  14. Lou Braccant

    Ed Westwick leaving ‘Suck-Du So Much Cock’ Nightclub

  15. Vladimir

    Book Of Mormon Security…

  16. Seriously fucking ugly.

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