1. Mr. Poop

    BEEP BEEP, douche coming through

  2. Owwwwwwwwww…This isn’t my pogo suitcase!

  3. Is that his only facial expression?

    • Bob

      That’s the face they always make when they first find out about Scientology’s core beliefs. Tom puts that to good use.

  4. Jaden, show us how you’d get work if your dad didn’t carry you.

  5. Is he doing motion capture for porn?

  6. You’re fucking kidding me.

  7. another one getting sued for stealing kim kartrashiass’s signiture pose.

  8. Marie P

    Nice skirt you ass clown

  9. kravdan

    Jaden, did you see After Earth? No? Apparently nobody else did either.

  10. bigalkie

    CROWDFUNDING.. This goofy asshole kid and Jared Leto..In a cage match fight to the death. How much could we raise?

  11. Someone should have warned Will Smith that he was going to make Jaden’s face stay that way if he did that too often.

  12. “No one’s going to remember how bad my movie bombed after World War Z opens on Friday.”

  13. “What do you want to be when you grow up, Jaden?”

    “A blow-up doll!”

  14. lawn

    He’d better be careful he doesn’t get too full of himself.

  15. Blunt force trauma

    Yeah , this idiot needs to be emancipated all right . Does this kid ride the short bus except when he is making movies ? Needs to go back to school for remedial being

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