1. Derpity doo dah…

  2. I think i finally figured out why they made such butt-ugly kids: Demi was doing Whip Its when she was pregnant!

  3. Those Willis girls really got the shit end of the stick in their possible gene pool outcomes.

  4. Emma Watson's vagina

    I see Scout is going the Tara Reid way of dating.

  5. yourmom

    With a face like this, I can only assume Bruce & Demi have did some awful shady shit.

  6. chrisbreezyboxingacademy

    who ever could have guessed that “Bruce Willis’s ugly daughter with the weird chin” wasn’t Rumer?

  7. Oh my god she is ugly….and it thought rumor was bad

  8. Fascinating. It is as if her face is imploding.

  9. Mayim Biyalik is looking a lot better to me these days.

  10. ive seen worse.
    like when rumer and her are photographed together.

  11. I had no idea Bruce had a daughter with Downs.

  12. Amber

    She looks like she has down syndrome.

  13. Seriously, not one attractive daughter?

  14. bigalkie



  16. Good to see Corky is doing so well.

  17. Rumer has it .. Scout’s lookin’ a bit like Schlitzie.

  18. sprub

    To paraphrase Sheldon Cooper… she must be very skilled at coitus!

  19. lawn

    Having to settle for ugly gingers.

  20. navvet75

    ” a bag a bag” My kingdom for a bag

  21. Kel

    Is that a boner? If so, there better be a naked Victoria’s Secret model somewhere in his view.

  22. Jenn

    Sometimes, “handsome+pretty = holy shit, WTF, kill it!” so, let this be a lesson, always bag before you boink.

  23. Pierce Bronzetan

    I heard that her sister is even uglier, but I’d guess that was a Rumor.

  24. Bob

    I think Bruce and Demi should have done a bit more research into their family trees before producing kids. “Wait, your grandma is named Mary too? Wow, what a coincidence!”


    Wow, I can’t believe people are this cruel. Since when is it okay to dissect and criticize someone’s appearance simply on the basis of their parentage. Honestly, you people are less than human. These are real people with whose parents are celebs and you think that gives you the right to hold them under a microscope. I pray there is a Greater Providence that holds you scum accountable for being judge and jury over these kids. They are not in a beauty pageant, they are being victimized and exploited because of who their parents are. Shame on you paparazzi pimps and for all of you who would damn these people on the basis of their physical appearance. In a more just world you all would be disfigured in the most horrifying way possible for your hatred and truly inhumane treatment of these kids. This could be your kid. I think that in fairness you all should have to post your picture alongside your destructive and demeaning comments. Let us see what YOU look like. Let us see what genetic gifts you have been so fortunate to receive. I’d wager that if we could see your faces and figures you’d show greater restraint than standing behind the cowardice of anonymity. Of course, some of you would still show your true colors but that is because you are truly ugly and hideous on the inside. Shame on all of you that have criticized another’s appearance as if they were objects on display. Truly pathetic.

  26. “Does taking you out count as community service or charity work?”

  27. “Is that homely woman over there your sister?”
    “Nahhh, it’s just an ugly Rumer.”

  28. tlmck

    Why is that dude with Tonto’s horse?

  29. She’s looking somewhat better, but that long-haired guy beside her is fucking weird.

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