1. “Dad? But I thought you were dead.”

  2. “Russel, I am not going to smuggle McDonald’s into the premier! That was the last time!”

  3. broduhjenner

    if Russell Crow really is in this film, it will be called the man of pig iron-not steel.

  4. “I’m sorry, Russell. McDonald’s isn’t selling the McRib right now.”

  5. Son, I’m afraid all that damage you did to Metropolis will have to come out of your allowance.

  6. “Thank God you only *played* my dad – this thing about sons growing up to look like their fathers really scares me.”

  7. “Let’s get Super Gay”.

  8. caley

    “C’mon heat vision, work your magic!”

  9. Jenn

    No, you’re not sitting with me, I saw you eat those beans, Mr. Smelly Pants.

  10. “Wait a minute!…You mean we don’t have to wear big ass ugly ties?”

  11. “Russell, you’re not really my father, so NO, I will not go to my room!”

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