1. First anal penetration is the hardest.

  2. He may look like an alpaca, but he leaps like a gazelle.

  3. He might look like an alpaca, but he can leap like a gazelle.

  4. Geez that guy can sure swing a bat….

  5. That’s one of those rare trees where the fruit looks like young adult dipshits in gray t-shirts.

  6. tlmck

    One must be careful when lighting farts.

  7. martian

    I already don’t give a shit about this movie.

  8. Jesus, the comment section pisses me off. You post something, it doesn’t take. You wait an hour, try again, and both comments get posted.

    You’re giving me scowl lines, Fish.

  9. bigalkie

    Crouching Asshole

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